Eagle Spectrum

Eagle Light Curable Adhesives

Eagle Light Curable Adhesives provide high bond strengths while greatly extending working time and improving office efficiency and bonding consistency. Eagle LC adhesives are formulated with camphorquinone (CQ) photo initiators, proven and trusted polymerization initiators that cure at wavelengths between 430 and 480 nm. Fillers are carefully chosen to optimize mesh penetration, increase bond strength, and produce the desired viscosity.

Low Viscosity LC Adhesive
  • Optimal paste consistency to fully penetrate mesh
  • Excellent for general bracket bonding or for DB lingual retainers with bonding pads
  • Carpule kit bonds up to 40 cases 5-5
  • Syringe kit bonds up to 32 cases 5-5
  • Not sold in Canada

Other Products

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Eagle Bond curable adhesives provide high bond strength.
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