The Orange Box Prepaste System

It's about control - The Orange Box Prepaste System increases office productivity while keeping control in your hands. Use down-time to prepaste and store brackets.

  • You control the amount of adhesive
  • You customize specific bracket setups for specific patients
  • You choose when to prepare brackets as scheduling allows
  • Not sold in Canada

1. Work Box - Orange colored plastic prevents polymerization, creating a safe zone for prepasting brackets.

2. Storage Box - Protects six prepasted cases for up to two weeks before bonding.

3. Chairside Cover - Protects one prepasted case at chairside until ready for bonding.

4. Mini Chairside Cover - A smaller version of the chairside cover, it protects a few prepasted brackets at chairside until ready for bonding.

5. Mouth Shields - Used to prevent ambient light from prematurely polymerizing brackets after they're positioned, but prior to curing. Helpful whenever curing is delayed after positioning.

6. Indirect Bond Setup Storage Box - Used to protect brackets that have been placed onto a model, awaiting separator and tray.

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