Bands and Attachments

Maximum Retention™ Bands

All Maximum Retention bands have an etched interior that virtually eliminates loose bands and permanent laser marked sizing for easy sorting and identification.

  • Exceptional contouring for accurate fit with reduced need for adaptation
  • Increased gingival festooning for better fit and patient comfort
  • Highly resilient band temper maximimzes spring-back during fitting for excellent adaptation and fit to the crown
  • Strong material well suited for use with weld-ed, higher-force appliances
  • Etched interior provides strong band retention
  • 1-32 sizing

  • Medium contour, medium-high tooth cover-age for adaptability to many crown shapes
  • Medium Stiff temper, strong material well suited for use with welded, higher-force appliances
  • 1 1/2 - 13 or 1-32 sizing

  • Highly contoured, low coverage band for excellent fit and ease of banding shorter clinical crowns
  • Medium temper, slightly thinner material for easy adaptability to crown. Well suited for use with welded, lower-force appliances
  • 1-32 sizing

Rollo® Band

American Orthodontics' Rollo Band is designed to provide the versatility of a band with the anchorage strength of a crown. Rollo Bands can be used in any situation where banding is indicated, or when extra strength is needed for appliances.

Like a band

  • Ten sizes per quadrant, twice the number of sizes available in conventional crowns, for improved placement and fit
  • Occlusal opening for easy removal
  • Occlusal opening for more effective light-curing of band cement

Like a crown

  • Occlusal rollover to provide integrity and strength
  • .007 material thickness to stand up to heavy anchorage forces

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Contoured Band
Rollo Bands

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Product Features

Quick Features

Photo Etched Material

MR Bands feature photo-etched pockets or a chemically-roughened interior for dramatically increased band retention, en so.

Bright Mirror Finish

Smooth finish for improved hygiene.


Each band series receives the proper amount of annealing to achieve desired stiffness.

Reduced Interproximal Heights

Results in less tissue impingement and less gapping at the gingival margins.

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