Separators, Wedges, etc.

Color Wheel™ for Ligature and Chain

Let your patient's imagination run wild with all the color options American Orthodontics offers in plastic ligatures and chain.

  • Spin the top wheel to mix and match any combination of two colors
  • Made of durable plastic
  • May be disinfected with cold sterilant

Color Selector Cards for Ligature and Chain
  • Color ligature and chain selection made easy
  • Simply stick the color tabs for the colors you inventory onto the card and let your patients pick the color they want
  • 5 cards with corresponding color tabs per package

Chain Dispenser
  • For 15' (4.60 m) spools
  • Holds 5 spools
  • Hygienic dispenser that is easy to load and unload

X-Ring Separators
  • Molded from the same strong, durable material that American Orthodontics uses for ligatures, combining optimum strength with strong rebounding quality
  • 13 X-rings per package (1040 separators)

Clear Rotation Wedges
  • Attach easily to brackets
  • 100 wedges per package

E-Z Tie™ Tubing
  • 500% elongation with rope-like knotting quality of hollow material
  • 25' (7.62 m) spool

Clear Plastic Tie
  • Solid tubing
  • 500% elongation with little fatigue
  • 25' (7.62 m) spool

Arch Wire Sleeve
  • Provides comfort from sharpness of arch wire
  • .030/0.76 mm ID, .065/1.65 mm OD
  • 10' (3.05 m) spool

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