Master Series®

Master Series® is the versatile, metal twin bracket system that orthodontists around the world have trusted for more than 25 years. All Master Series brackets feature a technologically advanced, visually intuitive design that seamlessly adapts with your clinical expertise. Master Series' patented Diagonal Torque and Diagonal Angulation makes bonding precision simple, delivering exceptional results with fewer wire bends. Choose traditional Master Series brackets, smaller Mini Master brackets, or our smallest Low Profile (LP) brackets depending on your treatment needs. The entire Master Series family delivers time-tested treatment that allows you to give your patients the smiles they deserve.

Master® Brackets

The classic metal twin that delivers all the benefits of Diagonal Torque and Angulation. Traditional size brackets and tubes for uncomprosing control.

Available in Roth, Straight Wire, Bio-Progressive, Alexander, IBD, Micro Bond, Options

Mini Master® Brackets

All the Master Series design advantages in a smaller bracket.

Available in MBT, MBT Vertical Slot, Roth, Straight Wire, Modified Straight Wire, Alexander, Gianelly, Vertical Slot, Bio-Progressive, Modified Bio-Progressive, SEBA, ProTorque, Options

LP® Brackets

Combines all the benefits of mini brackets with ultra low profile heights.

Available in MBT, Roth, Alexander, Modified Straight Wire, V-Slot, Gianelly, Bio-Progressive, Modified Bio-Progressive, Butterfly, Options


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Other Products

ifit® Tube
American Orthodontics newset, low profile tube.
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The Alexander LTS System embraces the logic of biologically compatible forces, but does so without compromising control.
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Product Features


Coordinated Molar Tubes

A seamless, coordinated system is achieved by incorporating Master Series and Low Profile buccal tubes.

Offset Bicuspid Pads

Occlusally extended bonding pads increase bond strength, making for easier bonding of partially erupted bicuspids while still maintaining straight wire mechanics.

Vertical Slot Versatility

Incorporating a vertical slot allows treatment that aligns with the Gianelly Bidimensional technique, and offers added convenience and versatility.

Single Wing Lang Brackets

Smaller, single wing brackets allow you to align your treatment with the Alexander Discipline, providing improved rotational control on teeth with more labial curvature where twin brackets are not as efficient.

IBD Interbracket Distance Brackets

IBD brackets provide approximately 40% more interbracket distance than standard twin brackets.

Iconix Cosmetic Brackets

Iconix champagne colored brackets offer the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of gold.

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