Standard Edgewise

An Advanced System for the Standard Edgewise Practitioner


  • Optimum bracket widths achieve excellent torque and rotational control, with adequate interbracket space for free tipping
  • Improved rotational control due to the base radius being machined into the part rather than formed after the slot is cut
  • Streamlined bracket heights allow greater latitude in vertical bracket placement, to accommodate individual case requirements
  • Reduced mesial/distal and occlusal/gingival dimensions allow earlier bonding of severely rotated teeth
  • Superior bond strength with a diagonally orientated 80 gauge mesh bonding base.


  • Improved patient hygiene. Gingival third of the crown is accessible with reduced bracket heights
  • Better patient acceptance. Smooth contours and compact size provide for a more comfortable appliance
  • Improved aesthetics. Less bracket body is exposed, creating a more pleasing appearance.

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