American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Medium Viscosity Adhesive

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November 1, 2017

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – American Orthodontics is proud to announce the launch of BracePaste medium viscosity light curable adhesive. BracePaste provides optimum bonding of both metal and ceramic brackets, and is designed to minimize bracket drift and provide easy flash cleanup.

American Orthodontics began developing this proprietary adhesive in 2014, and it has undergone countless development hours and an extensive global testing period to ensure expectations were met in reaching its desired effectiveness.

“We are extremely pleased with BracePaste’s performance,” says American Orthodontics Vice President of Marketing Michael Terrill. “The feedback we have received from our customers throughout the world has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to adding this quality, affordable adhesive to our extensive product offering.”

BracePaste allows for immediate arch wire tie-in after light curing, and the adhesive fluoresces under UV light to assist in clean up. It is stored at room temperature, and is compatible with most light cure orthodontic sealants and bond enhancers.

ABOUT AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS: American Orthodontics is the largest privately held orthodontic manufacturer in the world, proudly based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Since 1968, American Orthodontics has been manufacturing quality orthodontic products and peripherals for customers in more than 100 countries. More than 90% of American Orthodontics' products are manufactured at its Sheboygan headquarters using highly automated production equipment and a skilled, dedicated workforce. With 11 wholly owned subsidiaries, a direct sales force in North America, and a global team of exclusive distributors, American Orthodontics is a true orthodontic industry leader, committed to providing customers quality products, personalized service and dependable delivery.

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