Radiance Plus®

Technically Beautiful

Radiance Plus delivers exceptional results with features other cosmetic brackets just can't match. This latest generation of Radiance is stronger and even more dazzling than the previous generation, with enhancements including Visual Placement Aids (VPAs) for bonding precision, and a thicker, stronger tie wing radius.

Clear Sapphire

Radiance Plus is the clearest ceramic twin bracket available, proven to be much clearer than other monocrystalline or polycrystalline ceramic systems. Each Radiance Plus bracket is created from a single crystal of pure grown sapphire – one of the hardest materials in nature, second only to diamond. The crystal is honed and heat polished into a remarkably strong and beautiful bracket that's nearly invisible on the teeth. A recent study appearing in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics rates Radiance Plus as the most translucent of all monocrystalline brackets tested.


Radiance Plus's delivers exceptional rotational control, thanks to optimum mesial-distal width on the maxillary centrals and cuspids. This greater anterior control allows accurate results without sacrificing aesthetics. Tie wing fracture risk is reduced, tie-ability is improved, and latex-free Visual Positioning Aids (VPAs) allow simple, accurate bracket placement every time, without the staining risk associated with other color coding systems.


Radiance Plus's heat treated, monocrystalline formation gives it a solid core structure, and a proprietary heat polishing process creates just enough energy to smooth away any micro voids or flaws that could compromise the bracket's integrity. Sliding mechanics are improved, and the bracket resists torque fracture more than three times that of polycrystalline brackets. Increased tie wing thickness enhances its solid body, and a patented Quad Matte™ base provides amazing bond strength.

Product Features


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More Features

Nickel Free

Radiance Plus® brackets are made from single
crystal pure grown sapphire. Radiance Plus is nickel free.

Dependable Bonding

The patented Radiance Quad-Matte™ base shown here at 24X magnification (top) and at 1000X magnification (bottom) allows for a strong bond in the center of the pad and a weaker bond on the edges for easy and predictable debonding.

Pre-Polished Surface

Micro fissures and voide form across the surface of pure sapphire during the milling process. If left untreated, these flaws across the surface of sapphire could compromise its integrity under stress. Radiance benefits from a proprietary heat polishing process that removes these flaws from the surface of the bracket.

Polished Surface

Heat polishing is the key to making Radiance Plus® a stronger and more fracture resistant ceramic bracket. Our proprietary heat polishing process creates just enough surface energy to smooth away any micro voids or flaws that could compromise the integrity of the bracket. The result is a monocrystalline bracket that resists torque fracture more than three times that of polycrystalline ceramic brackets.

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