T3 Brackets


Selective engagement allows you to choose the ideal balance between low friction and interactive control for each treatment phase. Early in treatment, with smaller dimension round and rectangular wires, T3 bracket clips are passive, allowing teeth to unravel and level freely and quickly. As treatment progresses into larger rectangular wires, T3's unique clip actively engages the wire, providing three-dimensional control for precision detailing.


T3 brackets should be bonded with the spring clip in the open position. This minimizes any chance of adhesive interfering with the operation of the clip. Clips should be closed when indirect bonding.

Use traditional direct bond adhesive when bonding T3 brackets. The T3 one piece design with microetched Quadra Grip™ base has proven to provide excellent bond strength.

T3 brackets provide visual cues to aid in alignment during bonding. The slot, occlusal edge of pad, and gingival edge of clip should be aligned to be parallel with the desired occlusal plane. Mesial and distal bonding pad edges of upper centrals and laterals and all cuspids should be bonded parallel to the tooth's long axis.

After the adhesive has cured, install arch wires and close the spring clip. The clip should only be opened and closed using the specially designed T3 bracket instrument.

To open the clip, insert the instrument in the labial opening and gently rotate the instrument between the thumb and forefinger toward the gingival. When the clip is open, there is a resistance to further opening. Do not attempt to over-rotate the clip.

Available in: MBT, Roth, Andrews

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Product Features

More Features

Comfortable Opening/Closing

T3 clip access is front and center on the facial surface of the bracket. Opening and closing require only gentle rolling forces, comfortable for the patient.

Engagement Clip

T3's selective engagement clip produces an ultra low friction slot with early treatment wires.

Finish in Control

Passive self ligating brackets never fully engage finishing wires, which can lead to frustrating detailing challenges at the end of treatment.

Finish Accuracy

As wire dimensions increase, T3's selective engagement clip seats the wire into the bottom of the slot, increasing control and accuracy.

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