Cleaning / Disinfection / Sterilization


All AO products are to be used only by trained dental professionals. Products are shipped in a non-sterile condition. The user is solely responsible for proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization as well as adherence to any local, regional, national, or international standards or regulations pertaining to these activities.

Reprocessing of American Orthodontics Instruments (PDF 101KB)
NOLA Dry Field System (PDF 125KB)
Expando Cheek Retractors (PDF 80KB)
Intraoral Photographic Mirrors (PDF 59KB)
American Cheek Retractors & Clear Photographic Cheek Retractors (PDF 381KB)
Debonding Burs (PDF 86KB)
Carpule Gun (PDF 516KB)
Stainless Steel Photographic Mirrors (PDF 926KB)
Replacement Steel Abrasive Strips (PDF 78KB)
Guideline: Sterilization of American Orthodontics Band Assemblies (PDF 123KB)